Friday, July 26, 2019

Conservation biologist Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Conservation biologist - Assignment Example I.  The demand for metals, as well as other natural resources has outstripped supply (Blogger 1). Such a situation has occurred because of the increase of the surge for these essential resources. II.  Discovery of new deposits results in exploitation as a means of offering solutions to the need for the natural resources. However, implementation of such actions does not contribute in the attainment of success in the international trade since they lead in the development of complexities and political constraints. III.  Ore deposits should not be degraded because of the impact of their exploitation and societal conditions.IV.  The sea floor is one of the essential human resources on the earth’s surface, which demands an effective stewardship. V.  As the terrestrial environmental, the sea floor has plateaus, mountain ranges, vast plains, canyons and volcanic peaks. It has similar minerals to the ones on land in enriched forms.VI.  Deep mining is a strategy that should be avoided at all times to preserve these natural resources and eliminate their exploitation. VII.  Critics argue that mining is essential to provide the minerals, metals and other resources that man needs. Such should occur through the use of intensive technological means of mining and processing. VIII.  However, these individuals are wrong since they fail to comprehend the need to preserve these natural sources of minerals for further exploitation in the future. IX.  Conservation of biology is a good act towards ensuring.

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