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Continue to the previous topic (internet) - Essay Example People need information but this particular type of information should be controlled so that it does not negatively impact on the interests of a certain group of people in a given country. The first reason why the internet should be censored is that the responsible authorities know the cultural values and norms they should preserve in their country given that each nation has its own culture which makes it distinct from other cultures. For example, the aspect of homosexuality is a taboo in other countries while it is allowed in other nations (Naik, 2010). In order for the countries that do not recognize homosexuality to protect their norms and values, they should censor the internet and remove this content from different web pages that are likely to be accessed by different people in their respective countries. This will help protect the interests of the citizens. This disrupts the moral fabric of the society and it can also be seen that unity is also created if people have a common u nderstanding towards something. The internet has no boundaries and dominant nations use this medium to impose their cultural values over other weaker nations. Therefore, individual countries should protect their cultures through internet censorship. The second reason why the internet should be censored is that individual countries are in a better position to regulate information so that it does not disrupt peace in that country. There is a tendency by other powerful nations to dominate weak countries through disseminating distorted information that is likely to affect peace in weaker nations. Each country has its own way of governing its people hence the need for these countries to put measures in place that are meant to protect the interests of the whole nation. The information accessed from the internet may suggest that other countries are ruled by bad leaders and this can lead to conflicts hence the reason why nations should regulate the information disseminated through the inter net. Research has shown that other powerful nations want to impose their hegemonic control over other weaker nations through the use of distorted information to such nations (Naik, 2010). The other important reason why censorship of the internet is important is that it helps to curb dissemination of illicit content and material like pornography to the people. This particular type of content corrupts the mind of people and it can impact negatively on their behaviour. The dissemination of illicit material may be against the values of a certain group of people hence the need for them to put measures in place that are meant to protect these important components of their life. Therefore, I think individual countries should have measures that are designed to prevent their interests such as internet censorship given that this medium of communication has no boundary. It is very important to preserve culture in each country so that people can be in a position to maintain their identity. A cr itical analysis of an article entitled â€Å"Internet Censorship Pros and Cons† by Abhijit Naik Published November 25, 2010 shows that to a larger extent, â€Å"such regulations are necessary to keep certain problems, such as sexual exploitation of children and spread of drug cartels at bay.†

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