Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Technology management db 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Technology management db 3 - Essay Example In addition, having separate databases helps businesses run professionally and effectively (Umar, 2004). In other words, loss or damage of information in one database does not necessarily mean the business will close as there is a back-up. A large proportion of businesses today are opting to install wireless networks as opposed to wired networks. According to Oja and Parsons (2006), wireless networks are cheaper as compared to wired networks. Installing a wired network is considered very expensive, and also incurs extra costs in maintenance. A wireless network is also efficient and dependable as opposed to a wired network. This is because a wired network restricts movement while people using a wireless network can move freely, interact, and work from anywhere in the office. A wireless network also ensures the office is kept tidy and orderly as opposed to a wired network whereby wires are all over the office. A wireless network has a lot of benefits for a business or company. According to Gast (2005), unrestricted movement within the office elevates the level of productivity as workers are able to communicate easily, share ideas, and work in teams. It also saves time as it is easy to install, and saves the company money in terms of cost an

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