Saturday, June 15, 2019

STP Analysis, Instacart Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

STP Analysis, Instacart - Essay ExampleThese are varied market segments with different needs. For schools Instacart provides a combination of high quality and affordable groceries. On the other hand, for the light commercial customers, Instacart offers a variety of comprehensive groceries with extraordinary convenience.Instacart relentlessly focuses on its quality and customer experience. In doing this, Instacart offers its customers low prices, wide selection and convenience products and brands. Achieving repeat purchases and customer loyalty remains the key aspects to Instacart success. Instacart communicates fulfillment of its promises including the delivery of take in estimates, options for expedited delivery, update facilities, delivery shipment notifications and presentation of latest inventory through availability of information (Cheng 32). Instacart provides quality, timely customer service, fast and reliable fulfillment, and trusted work environment. It also features rich in nutrients products and repeated customer purchases systems.Large retailers, physical retailers, vendors, manufacturers and distributors of alternative products most of which tend to possess sales volumes, significant grocery awareness. more or less competitors who sell the franchise products through direct marketing, mail order and the internetThe primary competitive factor in Instacart is its market segments that include quality and uninfected products, convenience, selection, availability, price, personalized services, brand recognition, discovery, information, speed of fulfillment and customer service (Manjoo). Other competitive factors include reliability, trust in transactions and having the ability to adapt changing markets conditions. For products offered to individual and business sellers, additional competitive factors in this case includes their ability to generate sales especially for third parties in which Instacart serves,

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