Sunday, June 16, 2019

Technology has increased ticket prices Assignment

Technology has change magnitude ticket prices - Assignment ExampleThe report can be associated with the many huge make-over of single stadiums. Most of them no longer use the old school systems rather, they have adapted new technologies such as modified digitalized stadiums among others. A simple family of foursome attending a ball game is estimated to use, on average, a total of $207.68. On average, the total cost for attending a major baseball union is about $50. A National Hockey League usually charge on average $57.10. All together, it seems like all major sports have had their prices increased for the last couple of years (Dwyer, Drayer &Shapiro, 2013). It is, however, linked, in some ways, to the changes in technology. For example, sports managers not only have to worry about paying their players heftily, they also have to construe the increased expenses that have increased with the new inventions in the stadiums. The expenses may include, increased electricity bills, due to ever on bill boards, lit-up stadiums, and radio stations among others. In another way, increased awareness through social sites and other advertising media that did not exist before contributes towards this (Rishe & Mondello, 2004). Therefore, all these costs and expenses are taken stamp out to the viewers through ticketing.In conclusion, technology can be said to be playing a major part in the heightened ticket prices. However, it would be advisable if other alternatives for dealing with the expenses could be considered, otherwise, the current trend in fans opting to view the match from home could lead to a negative

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