Saturday, June 8, 2019

Strategic Human Resource Management Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Strategic Human Resource Management - Course do Example reproduction is concerned with improving the current tax force performance whereas development aims to build up and it increases competence level of employees for the better future performances. Q. 2 Hiring employees who accept grooming is advantageous when the organisation need to maintain a particular knowledge and skills up to date for competitive purpose. Technology keeps on changing quickly thus it becomes beneficial to the company when they hire employees whom they need to train. This is vital because it will enable the business to create significant changes that will enable them to achieve a competitive advantage. However, it becomes advantageous to the company when they hire already trained employees because they already have significant work experience thus this reduces costs of training, time and separate resources of training unskilled employees. They besides add knowledge to already existing organisation team a nd they are less expensive to the company since training is costly and time consuming. Q. 3 The organization can determine in case its training is effective through employing effective evaluation criteria. Varied models have been actual in order to determine in case the training is effective thus performance indicator is one of the models employed in determining the training forcefulness. Another criteria used is the dependent esteem for operationalizing the posture of training but there are other new approaches and models that have been proposed by researchers on evaluating the effectiveness of training (Arthur, Bennett, Edens and Bell, 2003). Kirkpatricks model is one of the new frameworks that attempt to reveal the effectiveness of training thus this model takes into consideration four significant travel or criteria for determining the effectiveness of training. One of the steps is reaction criteria, which employs self report measures and another one is learning criteria, w hich measure the learning outcomes. Behavioral criteria also measure the actual work performance and it identifies the effect of t raining on actual performance. Lastly, results criteria and this determines in case the quality or productivity of the work has been improved. Q. 4 Behavioral methods are designed performance appraisal, which is based on rating the task performance of workforce depending on their behaviors. This is vital because it enables managers to determine the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of working performance for employees. Behavioral method judges the actions of employees by using a rating scale to evaluate or measure their particular behaviors. On the other hand, personnel comparison method is used for measuring and comparing each labor force with others in a received group. Personnel comparison is considered an effective and reliable method of performance appraisal in situations where only employee need to be promoted thus it is vital for ranking an employ ee against others in a group on diverse factors until they find the best employee. Q. 5 The performance appraisal refers to the technique employed by HR managers to assess the task performance of a workforce. It is purpose is to assess the task of workforce in regard to particular standards. It is employed in measuring work performance of employees in order to determine their strength and weaknesses. It is imperative because it helps managers to offer efficient training programs or remunerate workforce according to the task

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